Welcome to DCMsoftware.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We are a small software company dedicated to writing quality software in many areas within the software realm.  DCMsoftware has written or is writing software for the educational setting as well as the professional and business settings.  We strive to produce user friendly software that is powerful, useful, and bug free.  All of our production software is developed in a try before you buy distributable package with most offering a 30 day fully functional trial.  All purchased software licenses are fully transferable to other computers.  Please visit the licensing information page to learn more about this process.
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Don is a happy programmer.
While this is a subjective question, it can best be answered by determining whether or not a piece of software performs the intended task efficiently, and presents user-based tasks (or the need for human input) intuitively, and secondly, if the resulting data-set or functionality is comprehensive and understandable to it's target userbase.

It would be easier to define software as 'good', if we first examine what makes 'bad' software, which can be broken down more objectively.

For example; 'bad' software is difficult to use, therefore conversely, 'good' software can be said to be intuitive. By extension, we can determine the following traits seen in good software, by listing the preferred traits to common software problems.

Intuitive, easy to use and learn
Solves a common problem
Fast, and reliable
Provides a comprehensive result
Provides natural feedback to user input

What Is Good Software?
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